Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am....

Blog surfing a few weeks ago, I found this great project from a wonderful blogger,Megan of the Brassy Apple. It is the "I am" project and allows you to submit inspiring photos that focus around a theme that is chosen each month. The month of February is LOVE and I happily submitted a photo of my two little ones embracing and guess is the day that it is featured!!!

Take time out of you day and think about each monthly theme on the "I am" blog and find a photo that might work with the theme...such an amazing way to share a little part of your life!!! Special thank to Megan over at the Brassy Apple for this fabulous opportunity!!!

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  1. Oh Amanda, Hi, so nice to 'meet' you, and I love your phrase 'blog surfing' as that is exactly what I'm doing today (the benefit of being at home sick), and every so often I find a blog I relate to and feel compelled to follow and comment:) I love the pic too, I'm off to check out Brassy Apple:) Come visit me @ Jane:)