Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tyler Turns One !!! {RACE CAR PARTY}

Well here we are in July and I am sharing with you my son's party that we had on Memorial Day weekend!!! I get the "Best Mom of the Year" award!!! :) Needless to say we have been super busy in our little household and I stumbled on some photos of the "big day" and just had to share along with the little story of a good first birthday! it goes... :)

Tyler's "official" birthday is on June 2nd, but that was on a Thursday and the month of June is crazy for birthday parties and graduations, so we jumped on it the weekend before so we could have a smashing time with family and friends. The weather that day was CRAZY!!! The night before when were were setting up it was windy with a little bit of sprinkling rain! I was a little concerned because I was hoping to keep the shindig outdoors as we had invited over thirty people (our little house would have been quite crowded had we all needed to be indoors). 

The weather cooperated and operation "Race Car Party" was underway! We had a great time...Tyler had a super cute little race car shirt on, we had TONS of balloons in red, black, white and some with polka dots too, wonderful candy table (so windy I did not get a photo), great food and great family and friends to share it with! 

This is a quick little photo tour of what I could get photos of:

Tyler...our little pyro checking out his race car cake and the flame!

 DIY centerpieces

Interior Shot of a "1" banner with a year of monthly photos of the birthday boy! 

Tyler's big sis holding onto the balloons (she was a LITTLE excited)!!!

Little details...cupcake toppers, candy table toppers, favor tags and centerpieces

 And Tyler...having his cake!

Had such a wonderful day celebrating a wonderful first year of memories...happy birthday little man!