Thursday, November 24, 2011

{Lovely} Photography of Karis Kisses Hair Pieces

So excited to show you some ADORABLE photos that a few photographers have taken with Karis Kisses hair accessories being featured...

 Yeah!!! Putting some of the holiday pieces on the website this week!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{Lovely} Photo Fun....

Our little family had the wonderful opportunity to get our Christmas photos taken by the amazing, Tanya Smith of Tanya Smith Photography this week and I just got a little sampling of what I know was an amazing experience....

I am seriously giddy about the fabulous job that Tanya did!!! She did such and amazing job capturing our little family....quarks and all!!! 

Thank you so much Tanya!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tyler Turns One !!! {RACE CAR PARTY}

Well here we are in July and I am sharing with you my son's party that we had on Memorial Day weekend!!! I get the "Best Mom of the Year" award!!! :) Needless to say we have been super busy in our little household and I stumbled on some photos of the "big day" and just had to share along with the little story of a good first birthday! it goes... :)

Tyler's "official" birthday is on June 2nd, but that was on a Thursday and the month of June is crazy for birthday parties and graduations, so we jumped on it the weekend before so we could have a smashing time with family and friends. The weather that day was CRAZY!!! The night before when were were setting up it was windy with a little bit of sprinkling rain! I was a little concerned because I was hoping to keep the shindig outdoors as we had invited over thirty people (our little house would have been quite crowded had we all needed to be indoors). 

The weather cooperated and operation "Race Car Party" was underway! We had a great time...Tyler had a super cute little race car shirt on, we had TONS of balloons in red, black, white and some with polka dots too, wonderful candy table (so windy I did not get a photo), great food and great family and friends to share it with! 

This is a quick little photo tour of what I could get photos of:

Tyler...our little pyro checking out his race car cake and the flame!

 DIY centerpieces

Interior Shot of a "1" banner with a year of monthly photos of the birthday boy! 

Tyler's big sis holding onto the balloons (she was a LITTLE excited)!!!

Little details...cupcake toppers, candy table toppers, favor tags and centerpieces

 And Tyler...having his cake!

Had such a wonderful day celebrating a wonderful first year of memories...happy birthday little man! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Popsicle Party!!!

Wouldn't this be so much fun!!! A Popsicle Party!!! 
Summer is a great time to enjoy a barbecue with  family and friends and these sweet little FREE DIY Popsicle Party Printables would be a huge hit! FREE DIY collection includes invitation that you can print and fill in to send to family and friends. DIY Accent toppers that you can attach or place on desserts, water bottles or popsicles; food and dessert labels, (fold able so you can place them anywhere) and a thank you card, ready to be printed and sent after the party! Get your FREE DIY printables here!!! 

Would love to see your party pictures if you use these little printables!!! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

{Party} Idea...Hair Accessories for favors!

Isn't this a great idea for a party favor??? I just received an order for these little hair accessories and to be honest I am not sure if they are for a party favor or not...but what a great idea for one! When you think about all the money that you spend on favors for a birthday party, a baby or wedding shower and multiply it by the attendees...this trio of Gerber daisy hair accessories take the cake! Each attendee can go home with three sweet little hair accessories that they will be able to use and enjoy! 

Check them out on our!

Have a great week! I am off to enjoy some homemade bruschetta and a glass of wine with my sweet little family!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{Karis is Three} - Dr. Seuss Inpired Birthday Party!!!!

Our little girl is three!!! 
We had an amazing time this weekend celebrating our daughter, Karis' third birthday. Months back when "The Cat in the Hat"  cartoon on PBS started playing, Karis fell in love the Nick, Sally and the Cat in the Hat; and what better way to celebrate her third birthday than with a Dr. Seuss inspired birthday bash!!!
Our fireplace mantel - decked out with Karis Kisses DIY triangular banner, turquoise tissue garland and Dr. Seuss books and accessories
Sweet little invitation - coming soon to Karis Kisses Boutique!!!
Candy Table!!!
Tissue daisies, turquoise and red fabric, cupcakes and LOTS AND LOTS of CANDY!!! 

Little Details...Tissue Daisies, Birthday Banner, Candy Table Labels and Accent Toppers for 
our One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish gold fish centerpieces and cupcakes.

 Fun Favors!!! 
Tye dye shirts in red and turquoise (thanks to my hubby!), Cat and the Hat coloring pages and bookmarks and fun turquoise foam glasses (love the dollar store!)  

Food table fun!!!

Singing happy birthday for the second time so we could get photos and video!!!  

Time for dress up!!!

 And I think we got it all on video!!! Thanks to my AMAZING husband and his assistant (that's our little man)!!!

By the end of the night we were exhausted...but had enough energy to make some silly faces for the camera!!!

The best part of the party was when Karis got to play with her cousins, grandparents and aunties, opening up her presents (we have a little diva) and making silly faces for the camera! A great little party...wonder what we will do next year! 
Love this party? Let me know!
Special thanks to my family and friends (you know who you are!) for helping out with making this the best third birthday a little girl could have !!!
Like something that was a part of this party...check out these AMAZING vendors:
                     Tissue Daisies and Turquoise Garland ..... Polka Dot Market  
                     "3" Applique on Karis' t-shirt................ The Sewing Loft
                     Invite, banner and accent toppers......... Karis Kisses Boutique 



Monday, April 11, 2011

Turquoise and Red Triangular Banner Tutorial

My little baby girl is turning three in a few how the time has flown!!! In preparation for her birthday, a Dr. Suess inspired birthday party, I went to the craft store and stumbled on some cute polka dot and harlequin scrapbook paper in red and turquoise that I thought would be perfect for her party! So I had this super cute paper and thought that a triangular banner would be a prefect way to use some of the paper. So this is how I did it:

 1. Take out scrapbook paper and lay them out to get an idea of how many pages you will need to make banner - this depends on how you will use it. I am using mine for draping at a candy table and hanging them from a few mirrors in our house as a background display. So I used about 8 pages of scrapbook paper.

 2. Take a pencil, paper cutter and ruler or straight edge or additional card stock (I used a LOFT coupon postcard) to make your triangular lines to cut out with scissors. Used your paper cutter to crop the company logo of the scrapbook paper off as well as cutting the paper in half in preparation to make my triangles.

3. Start making one triangle to try out to see if you liked the size. I was happy the size I made so I took that one and used it as my "stencil" to trace the rest of my triangles,  doing my best to make them as consistent in size as possible. :)

4. After I traced the triangular shape, I cut them out and set them aside. I put all of the patterns and colors into separate piles so I knew how many of each pattern I had in order to start the stringing process. 

5. This was my handsome little helper who ate cheerios and bananas while he watched me make the banner. I just love him!!!

6. After the kiddos went down for a nap, I got out my glue gun and grosgrain ribbon and started to place the triangle paper into a pattern of colors and glued the top of the triangle to the ribbon. 

This is a quick view of the completed banner. I will be sure to post additional photos during the big birthday party. 

This was a super fun and easy project which took me about 1-2 hours. I was able to cut out the paper while my little ones were having breakfast and then I was able to glue the pieces together during their nap time. I was even able to take the scraps of paper and make mini-triangle banners too! I have no idea where they will be in the party decor, but I LOVE them and cannot wait to use them too! Can't wait to share more tips and fun about this little party soon!!! 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter Goodness!!!

Take a peak at this super sweet little "Happy Spring" Easter banner that I designed and made!!! This was a fun little project that where I created egg shaped spring colored polka-dots, bunny backsides (note the puffy little tail), spring stripes and a "Happy Spring" egg for the center of the banner. Want one for yourself? This is what you do:

1. Go to my SCRIBD site and download the Happy Spring Banner

2. Print on heavy bright white card stock from your home computer (for best color, make sure you place color print setting on "best"
3. Cut out oval eggs
4. Take single hole punch and punch 2 holes at the top of each egg
5. String eggs on ribbon or string - in any pattern that you would like. I used pink and white grosgrain ribbon to string mine, a nice compliment to the pink on the eggs
6. To add some fun I took ribbon in turquoise, pink, yellow and lavender and tied it to the pink ribbon that I strung the eggs on. 
7. Hung the banner on my entry mirror, attaching the ribbon to the back of the mirror with painters tape (this is what I had lying around and it worked perfectly)! 

This was a fun and easy little project to create and it was pretty inexpensive...which I like too! Would love to see what you come up with if you try out this little tutorial. 

Happy Spring!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am....

Blog surfing a few weeks ago, I found this great project from a wonderful blogger,Megan of the Brassy Apple. It is the "I am" project and allows you to submit inspiring photos that focus around a theme that is chosen each month. The month of February is LOVE and I happily submitted a photo of my two little ones embracing and guess is the day that it is featured!!!

Take time out of you day and think about each monthly theme on the "I am" blog and find a photo that might work with the theme...such an amazing way to share a little part of your life!!! Special thank to Megan over at the Brassy Apple for this fabulous opportunity!!!