Saturday, February 12, 2011

365 project....a now monthy project!!!

Well...I think life was trying to tell me something - "You have too much on your plate" !!! Well, I think I have to agree...just a little bit. The daily 365 project is now going to be a monthly project, sharing photos of what the life of a busy mom and wife is like with two kids under the age of three; working part-time as an interior designer and a wanna be entreprenuer and crafter...somewhat exhausting...BUT SO REWARDING!!! Here is a sneak at what our little family has been up too from mid-January to mid-February!I will share mid-February and March around the first part of April.

 No words can describe the happiness that I feel when I see this photo...

 I see a little friendship that I hope will last for a long time...

 Very suprised I do not weigh more than I do with all of the amazing bread my amazing husband makes on an almost daily basis!

 Play time in the kitchen...LOVE!!!

 The journey is everything...

 Playing in the dirt...

 One of the first times eating some real food! 

 Garden in progress...makes me SO hungry and excited!!! 

 Making Valentine's for school 

and cookies too!!!  

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and hug and kiss the one's that you love!!! 

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