Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Printables coming soon to Karis Kisses !!!

I have been inspired by many of my friends, fellow bloggers and the everyday life that I lead. With that in mind, I have been creating Party Printables that I will be soon sharing on Karis Kisses. 

Coming soon will be inspirational party printables that you can use for an upcoming event in you life. Whether it is a birthday party for a child, a celebration for a new mother or a holiday that you want to go all out for...Karis Kisses just might have the inspiration you are looking for!!!

Please check out our shop in the next few days for new printable collections and FREE holiday printables!!!


  1. Cute! I like the water bottles....reminds me of the ones for my wedding. :)

  2. The stuff on the featured photo was cute! It reminds me of all the baby gifts I received on the surprised baby shower planned by my friends.